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The Silent Soldier, Aziz ur Rehman Malangi

The silent soldier Mr. Aziz ur Rehman Malangi is the masterpiece of love. Affection and the spirit of patriotism are circulating in his veins. We can say that he is the ambassador of love and he can export the true sentiments of love to whole Gilgit Baltistan. He is the man of transparent characters.  His aims are as high as highest Himalayan ranges,  in spite of knowing that he is uneducated but still he is having natural tendency and competency to prove him as a national legend. No one can judge his competency through his physical structure.

Aziz ur Rehman Malangi
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This devoted soldier was born in 1975, in Gulapur, Ghizer, which is a beautiful village of Punial valley. This valley is known for its beauty and sincere natives. It has a glorious history to be proud of itself.  People of Gulapur Ghizer are highly hospitable, sincere and are fully devoted to their fragrant soil. One more thing, which I would like to quote is, Lalik Jan Shaheed (Nishan-e-Haidar), who also belonged to Ghizer district.

Mr. Malangi is serving in KIU (Karakoram International University) Gilgit as a grade one, which is a point of a question mark for us. In spite of knowing that, he is a precious asset of GB, he is offering his duties as a grade one. The government of Gilgit Baltistan should note down this point and should take measures to bring him up to the status which he deserves.

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He initiated his loveable poetry in 1990. His first Shina poetry (song) was sung by Gulam Nabi Hamraz, a famous singer and poet of GB. After this contribution,  Aziz Ur Rehman started his journey to promote the culture of the area with his heart touching poetry.

People of the area appreciated the initial work of Aziz ur Rehman and he got famous with the name of Malangi, in the field of Sheena poetry. Malangi, then started his contribution in such a way that, he got a unique position in the list after a short span of time. He is the biggest Sheena poet of GB in the present time. He has written more than 500 poetries which are categorized under Natural Beauty, Sufism (Hamd, Naats) and Patriotism. Malangi has tried to aware people of GB about importance and need of sympathy, love, sincerity, patriotism, and harmony. In one of his Sufi songs:

He says:

O Muslims, Our God is one

Our Prophet is same

We all are Muslims

Our believes are sameā€¦

English Translation

In the above lines, Malangi wants to tell people that we all are Muslims. We should love each other. We should eliminate hate among us. Because we all are the followers of one God and one religion. Our prophet is the same who has told us to help each other and live with sympathy and harmony.

In another poem, he shares the importance of unity among people of GB.

He says:

We should avoid all evil deeds
We should work like hard working bees

Malangi asks people to be united and work hard. He says that we should avoid all wrong-doings. We should create sincerity among us and should work hard for the development of the region. We also should eliminate misunderstandings which always cause violence.

It is a fact that Aziz ur Rehman Malangi is ignored by the GB government. He has never been given the status which he deserves. Here, the nation of GB should take effective measures to bring him up in the consideration of GB government. This should be done before Aziz ur Rehman Malangi leaves us. After his death, people will follow his thoughts and they will study him like the great poet Karl Marx. 

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